Why Madumbo?

Because your website matters

Your website shows who you are

And first impressions are crucial

Source of information

Your website needs to be visible and accessible. Your users come here to find out more about you. They deserve to be helped.

Shows you're trustworthy

Any defect on your website can cast doubt on your whole company.
Conversely, a good website will lead to increased activities for your company.

Makes a lot of your sales

E-commerce, SaaS and marketplaces are booming and depend heavily on web applications.

Madumbo makes your website better

And your users willing to work with you

Avoid costly typos

A typing error on a sales page reduces by 30% the odds the user will make the purchase.

Stay up to date

To users, dead links just mean dead company. Their bounce rate doubles after clicking a not responding button.

Ensure your SEO is on top

Our exclusive algorithms will give you a full report to improve the SEO of your website.

Your website is a priceless asset

And yet it is often very costly

So much to be checked

Checking all the aspects of your website is a long and tedious task. It is expensive and discouraging for teams.

Communication hurdles

Developers and QA / Business people often do not speak the same language. Reporting a defect is a source of tension.

Cybersecurity threats

Websites can be targeted by people with bad intentions. Many doors have to be secured and qualified resources are rare.

Madumbo divides costs by a factor of 2

And fixes your most urgent problems

Your team is reinforced

Your resources can be reallocated to more productive tasks: new features, A/B testing, customer support...

Gone is "There is a bug!"

Your tech team will rely on clean, accurate explanations, and improve your user experience in an instant.

Your fence is checked

A thorough check-up is run regularly. All the entries and exits of your website are safe, you can work on your project.

They support us