Why Madumbo?

Because testing should be simple

Create end-to-end tests in minutes
Without writing code
Just press "record"

The Madumbo test recorder lets you interact with your site just like a real user to build an end-to-end test.

Test complex scenarios

Generate test emails, passwords, and other data on the fly. Add custom logic to your tests to verify that an element is present, an email has been sent, or an upload has succeeded.

QA automation for everyone

Anyone on your team can create and monitor tests of key user pathways. No specialized skills or technical expertise needed.

Stop battling flaky tests
Madumbo's self-maintaining tests free up development time
Robust, AI-powered tests

When you make changes to your site, Madumbo uses AI to map the new user journey and update your checks automatically.

Built for the modern web

Madumbo intelligently waits for asynchronous elements to load. No more setting arbitrary "wait" times for each step in your checks.

Instant context for failing tests

When Madumbo alerts you to a failed test, screenshots from the UI show you exactly where the user journey has been disrupted.

Run tests, not infrastructure
Madumbo makes it effortless to run and scale your tests
Global coverage

Madumbo automatically runs your tests over a real Chrome browser from sites around the world. So you can ensure that your site is working for every user and every device.

Maintenance-free testing platform

With Madumbo's fully hosted tests, you can focus on your website and your users, instead of monitoring and maintaining a fleet of test servers.

Parallelize your tests

Our SaaS solution allows you to run many tests at the same time. So you can test multiple user scenarios in your CI pipelines without slowing down your deployments.

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