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We are a driven team working hard to improve the developer community.
The Team
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Sébastien Deprez

CTO and Co-Founder

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Gabriel-James Safar

CEO and Co-Founder

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Ksenia Kanishcheva

Lead Developer

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Pierre Guyot


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Our Story

As product managers and developers working on complex web applications, we know too well the frustration of having to wrangle a bug fix that could have been avoided. So, we started thinking...

It's simply impossible for a developer to QA and account for every little detail, especially on the front-end. End-to-end tests can be incredibly tedious to code and execute. After hours of work on a feature, it would be nice to rely on a dependable resource that could help track down those last few imperfections.

As a product manager, it's crucial to explore and interact with new versions of an application. To find bugs, of course, but also to determine areas for improvement and opportunities to embellish a feature set. A PM knows their product inside and out; quality is a necessity, as is the requirement to make sure that sales and support teams can focus on being customer obsessed. Efficiently uncovering bugs that have the potential to create a poor customer experience is tedious, but necessary. Uncovering a bug too late can cost precious hours of pre-release testing.

We decided that the best way to reduce the number of iterations would be to detect as many bugs as possible automatically. The developer fixes them, and the PM can focus on the things that matter most: the product and customer.

That is how Madumbo came to be!
Our Tenets
  • Never Stop Iterating
  • Answer Within 24hrs
  • Keep Your Code Safe
  • Support Open Source Projects