Improve your website and customer experience in one single click

Drop in the URL you'd like to test, and let the magic begin!
What is Madumbo?
Madumbo is an AI-powered tool which allows for
complete automated testing
of your website in only two simple steps:
1. Drop in the URL you'd like to test

With just a single URL, we can do a lot of things. If you want to assess password-protected pages on your site, set us up with access and we can test those pages as well.

2. Review and prioritize the errors we surface

Within your private dashboard, we log all errors and the information required for debugging.



Faster than assigning a task. You've spent hours, days, maybe weeks on your project. Let's hold off on even more coding. In just a few minutes, we test relevant actions on your web page and assemble all the errors.


Launch Madumbo and let it work for you. Our AI-powered bot works on its own, without you having to worry about it. It will check everything automatically, without the need for human interaction during the process.

Code free

We test all the aspects of your website in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee, without a single line of code from you. If you want to avoid some actions, it's OK: our bots will roam along your website, following the instructions you gave them in a few clicks.


No matter which stack you use, we track all front-end bugs and output the details required to fix them. Don't worry about the stack: your code will be run on a real browser, the defects are the same as those seen by a human.

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